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At Jai Medical Systems, keeping our members informed is our top priority. Please review the information below for our newsletters, latest healthcare updates, and special announcements.

At Jai Medical Systems, keeping our members informed is our top priority. Please review the information below for our newsletters, latest healthcare updates, and special announcements.

Please review the information below for our newsletters, latest healthcare updates, and special announcements.

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Summer HealthBeat

You made a smart choice! Jai Medical Systems is the Highest Scoring MCO on the HealthChoice Report Card!

Every year, the Maryland HealthChoice Program provides a “Report Card” to show how each HealthChoice MCO compares to other MCOs in key areas. Jai Medical Systems is proud to announce that our MCO received the highest ratings of any MCO; receiving 17 out of 18 stars. No other MCO came close this performance! To view the full report card, please visit our website at

Healthy Rewards Program 2018

Jai Medical Systems is pleased to once again offer its Healthy Rewards in 2018! To earn your Healthy Reward, please visit your Primary Care Provider (PCP) for your annual physical. After you have received your physical, please check your mail. You will receive a Healthy Rewards Redemption Certificate. You will need to complete this certificate in order to redeem your reward. Please see your PCP as soon as possible. Healthy Rewards quantities are limited, so schedule your PCP visit today before rewards run out!*

Stay on the lookout for other opportunities to earn Healthy Rewards from Jai Medical Systems. If you have questions about our Healthy Rewards program or need assistance scheduling an appointment with your PCP, please call our Customer Service Department today at 1-888-JAI-1999.

*Jai Medical Systems Managed Care Organization, Inc. reserves the right to eliminate or reduce incentives/rewards and/or modify or cancel the Healthy Rewards Program at any time without notice. Rewards are not convertible to cash. Limitations and exclusions apply. Offer valid while supplies last. Eligibility to receive a reward is contingent on Jai Medical Systems Managed Care Organization, Inc.’s receipt of confirmation from your PCP that you had your annual visit in 2018.

Keep your coverage!

Thank you for being a member of Jai Medical Systems, the Highest Rated MCO in the United States! We value your membership and want to ensure that you do not have a lapse in coverage. To ensure that you maintain your health insurance benefits with Jai Medical Systems, please renew your benefits before your eligibility end date. Please feel free to our Customer Service Department at 1-888-JAI-1999 as they may be able to assist you with de-termining your eligibility end date.

To renew your benefits today, please visit the Maryland Health Connection website at You may also walk-in today to meet with a Certified Application Counselor at one of our independent participating medical centers, Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm:

Jai Medical Center
5010 York Road
Baltimore, MD 21212
Phone: 410-433-2200

Jai Medical Center
4340 Park Heights Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215
Phone: 410-542-8130

Jai Medical Center
1235 East Monument Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410-327-5100

Don’t lose your healthcare

Beginning in 2018, if mail is sent to the address Maryland Medicaid has on file for you and it is “returned,” your health insurance benefits may be canceled and you may be disenrolled from Jai Medical Systems. To prevent this from occurring, please ensure that you have the most up-to-date mailing address on file with the Maryland Health Connection (MHC). You may update your address by calling the MHC at 1-855-642-8572 or by visiting a Certified Application Counselor at one of our participating medical centers.

How to Manage your Allergies this Summer!

The flowers have bloomed and so have your allergies. Pollen is the biggest cause of allergies. Pollen comes from flowers, trees, weeds, and grass. It is carried by the wind from place to place, and can cause your allergies to be triggered. Smog and insects are also worse during this time of year triggering allergies. Symptoms of allergies include: runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and nose, and dark circle under your eyes. There are a few things that you can do to help prevent allergy symptoms:

  • Stay inside when pollen count and smog levels are high.
  • Keep doors and windows closed.
  • Use an air purifier.
  • Replace air filters often.
  • Wash bedding and rugs in hot water to get rid of dust mites.
  • Wash and changes clothes after being outside and vacuum often.

These tips may make the allergy season easier, but it is also recommended that you discuss your symptoms and possible relief remedies with your Primary Care Provider (PCP).

If you need assistance with scheduling an appointment with your PCP, please call our friendly Customer Service Department today at 1-888-JAI-1999, and we will assist you with your scheduling needs.

Fun in the Sun Tips!

As it gets warmer, we all find ourselves going outside to enjoy the weather. This time of year has its own set of health risks associated with the heat. In order to keep you and your family safe this summer, please follow these basic summer tips:

  • Use sunscreen. Use a “broad spectrum” sunscreen to protect against both types of sun rays. Remember to apply 15 minutes prior to going outside for full protection.
  • Drink plenty of water. The amount of water varies from person to person (talk to your PCP for a more exact number). Try to avoid coffee and dairy products as they tend to cause dehydration.
  • Choose your time wisely. The hottest period of a day is usually between 11am and 2pm. Try to schedule outdoor activities earlier in the day or later in the afternoon.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure when possible. Although shorts and tank tops give your skin more breathing room, they also leave more exposure to the sun. Try linen and cotton clothing in light colors to get the same effect with less exposure. Don’t forget your hat and sunglasses.
  • Know your limit. Listen to your body and look out for signs of overheating. Headaches, muscle aches, nausea, and general fatigue are all signs its time to take a break, drink some water, and rest in the cool shade.
  • Look out for those at risk. Elderly family members and neighbors as well as children are more susceptible to heat related illnesses and should be kept out of the sunlight during peak hours.

Health Education Class Schedule

Spring into action and join us for a Health Education class. Please see below a schedule of our upcoming Health Education classes, which include new topics such as stress management and men’s health.

  • Thursday, June 14
    10:00-11:15am: Healthy Eating
    11:30-12:30pm: Hypertension
    2:00-3:15pm: Diabetes
    3:30-4:30pm: Healthy Eating
  • Thursday, June 21
    10:00-11:15am: Healthy Eating
    11:30-12:30pm: Smoking Cessation
    2:00-3:15pm: Diabetes
    3:30-4:30pm: Asthma

*Classes are hosted at Jai Medical Centers located at 1235 East Monument Street and 4340 Park Heights Avenue in Baltimore, MD.

Important Updates & Reminders

New Benefit: Audiology Services

Effective July 1, 2018, Jai Medical Systems will cover medically necessary audiology services, hearing aids, cochlear implants, and auditory osseointegrated devices for all managed care members regardless of age. For more information, please call our Customer Service Department.

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