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At Jai Medical Systems, keeping our members informed is our top priority. Please review the information below for our newsletters, latest healthcare updates, and special announcements.

At Jai Medical Systems, keeping our members informed is our top priority. Please review the information below for our newsletters, latest healthcare updates, and special announcements.

Please review the information below for our newsletters, latest healthcare updates, and special announcements.

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Summer HealthBeat

A Message from the Director of Customer Service

Dear Friend,

I wanted to share some exciting news with you. On an annual basis, the Maryland HealthChoice Program issues a “Report Card” to show how each HealthChoice Managed Care Organization (MCO) compares to one another in important areas of performance, such as Access to Care and Keeping Kids Healthy. Jai Medical Systems Managed Care Organization is pleased to announce that our MCO received the highest ratings of any MCO; receiving 16 out of 18 stars. No other MCO came close this performance! Please see below for the full report card.

Thank you for your continued membership with Jai Medical Systems, one of the Highest Rated MCO’s in the United States.

TyNeisha Thornton
TyNeisha Thornton
Director, Customer Service

Summer Allergies

Summer is here and it has brought with it an increase pollen. Pollen, which comes from trees, weeds, flowers, and grass, is a well known cause of allergies in both children and adults.

Do you have allergies? 1 in 3 adults and 1 in 4 children in the United States have allergies. Some symptoms of allergies include: runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and nose, as well as dark circles under your eyes.

How can I control my allergies? There are a few things that you can do this summer to keep your allergies under control including:

    • Stay inside when pollen count and smog levels are high. Check your local forecast for this pollen count and smog level information daily!
    • Keep doors and windows closed, because pollen travels by wind.
    • Use an air purifier.
    • Replace or clean air filters often; either monthly or quarterly.
    • Keep up with your cleaning checklist; wash bedding, vacuum carpet or rugs, wipe down outside surfaces that may collect pollen.
    • Schedule an appointment with your Primary Care Provider to discuss alternative solutions for your allergies, such as allergy medication.

Renew your Health Insurance benefits today!


Please do not lose your health insurance benefits.

To ensure that you maintain your health insurance benefits with Jai Medical Systems, please renew your benefits before your eligibility end date. For assistance maintaining your eligibility, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-JAI-1999.

To renew your benefits today, please visit the Maryland Health Connection website at You may also apply by walking in today to meet with a Certified Application Counselor at one of these independent participating medical centers, Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm:

Jai Medical Center
5010 York Road
Baltimore, MD 21212
Phone: 410-433-2200

Jai Medical Center 
4340 Park Heights Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215
Phone: 410-542-8130

Jai Medical Center
1235 East Monument St.
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410-327-5100

If you have any questions regarding this important issue, please contact our
Customer Service Department at 1-888-524-1999.

Hepatitis C: Testing and Treatment

Hepatitis C is a liver disease characterized by inflammation that, if left untreated, can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer, and liver failure. Often times, those infected with the disease are unaware that they have Hepatitis C. It is important for individuals to know their status when it comes to Hepatitis C, because there is a cure for this disease. Those who may be at risk for this disease include baby boomers, individuals who have had a blood transfusion, or users of injected drugs. If you fall into one of these categories, be sure to ask your Primary Care Provider about being tested for Hepatitis C at your next appointment. If you would like more information about Hepatitis C testing and treatment, please contact our Hepatitis C Hotline today at 410-403-1814.

Need to find a Provider? Try our Online Provider Directory!

Jai Medical Systems has created an online searchable Provider Directory for our members. Our online searchable Provider Directory is easy to use and includes information regarding primary care providers, specialists, ancillary providers, hospitals, urgent care centers, and pharmacies that participate with the Jai Medical Systems’ provider network.

To use our Online Provider Directory to find a participating provider today, please visit our website at

Earn Your Healthy Reward

There is still time to receive your Healthy Reward for 2019. See your Primary Care Provider (PCP) today and mail in your Healthy Reward Redemption Certificate. It is that easy to earn your Healthy Reward! If you have questions about the Healthy Rewards program or need to schedule an appointment with your PCP, please call our Customer Service Department today at 1-888-JAI-1999 for assistance.

*Jai Medical Systems Managed Care Organization, Inc. reserves the right to eliminate or reduce incentives/rewards and/or modify or cancel the Healthy Rewards Program at any time without notice. Rewards are not convertible to cash. Limitations and exclusions apply. Offer valid while supplies last. Eligibility to receive a reward is contingent on Jai Medical Systems Managed Care Organization, Inc.’s receipt of confirmation from your PCP that you had your annual visit in 2019.

Well Child Visits: What to Expect

It is important that your baby receive regular “Well Child” check-ups with your Pediatric Primary Care Provider (PCP). The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all new parents take their children to at least 12 checkups during the first three years of life.

During a well child visit, your child’s PCP will review your child’s health, aspects of their development, and provide any necessary vaccines. Your PCP may also screen your child for health problems; either through blood work or by asking health-related questions. These visits are also a good opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have related to your child’s health and development.

Your child’s PCP will develop and recommend a schedule for your child’s

healthcare. Often times, Well Child visits are recommended at the following ages:

    • 3 to 5 days old.
    • By 1 month.
    • 2 months.
    • 4 months.
    • 6 months.
    • 9 months.
    • 1 year.
    • 15 months.
    • 18 months.
    • 2 years.
    • 30 months.
    • 3 years.

After age 3, Well Child visits are usually scheduled once a year.

If you are in need of an appointment for your child or transportation assistance for your child’s appointment, please contact our Customer Service Department today at 1-888-JAI-1999.

Member Portal

As a member of Jai Medical Systems, you are able to sign up for access to our member portal, which features exclusive content only available for our members.

It is against the law to commit Fraud and/or Abuse!

Examples of Fraud and Abuse:

Prescription Fraud

  • Anyone who forges a doctor’s signature on a prescription medication or uses a doctor’s name to call a false prescription in to the pharmacy.
  • Anyone who lies about having lost prescription medication.
  • Anyone who gets prescription medication when they are not ill.

Medicaid Card Fraud and/or Abuse

  • Someone who used or is currently using a medical ID card that does not belong to
  • Allowing a non-enrolled family member to use your medical ID card.
  • Allowing a family member to use your medical ID card.
  • Repeatedly visiting the emergency room for care that can be received from a primary
    care physician (PCP).

Physician Fraud

  • Any doctor who bills for a visit that did not happen.

If you are suspected of committing fraud and/or abuse by Jai Medical Systems Managed Care
Organization, Inc., you will be reported to the Maryland Department of Health – Office of the Inspector
General (MDH-OIG) for further investigation.

How Do I Stop Fraud and Abuse?
We welcome and encourage you to report anything suspicious you may have seen.
Reporting suspected fraud or abuse will not affect your services with us.

You can call the Fraud and Abuse Compliance Officer: 1-888-JAI-1999,
Or write to:
Fraud and Abuse Compliance Officer
Jai Medical Systems
301 International Circle
Hunt Valley, MD 21030

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